Women & Gender Studies Institute

M.A. Program

Master’s Program in Women and Gender Studies (MWGS)

WGS fosters the critical analysis of material, ideological and cultural practices and processes that have shaped sex, gender, and sexuality, which structure human lives transhistorically, cross-culturally, and intersectionally— always with an eye to transformation and change of inequitable practices. Women and Gender Studies requires an interdisciplinary engagement with a range of theories and methodologies in order to examine sex and gender as intersectionally produced and entangled with questions of race, citizenship, sexuality, embodiment, colonialism, class and so on. Students thus have the opportunity to undertake feminist studies in a variety of subjects in the Humanities, Social and Health Sciences.

The M.A. degree at the University of Toronto focuses on transnationality, gender and sex. The graduate offerings explores the temporal and geographic cartographies through which women’s and men’s lives, sexed relations, gendered subjectivities, and sexualities are situated. Our offerings in feminist inquiry challenge and illuminate colonial, postcolonial and transnational contexts. Central themes of the program include global capitalism, nation and state formation, empire, citizenship, diaspora and cultural flows, all of which are examined through the lenses of diverse feminist scholarship.

The courses taken by our M.A. students provide them with an opportunity to undertake advanced feminist studies towards theorizing these questions. Our program aspires to strengthen students’ abilities to interrogate theories and methods, as well as to critique their application to lived practice.