Women & Gender Studies Institute


The Calendar of the School of Graduate Studies Calendar contains the regulations governing graduate study and degrees at the University of Toronto. The section on the Women & Gender Studies Institute gives regulations applicable to graduate study and degrees in Women and Gender Studies specifically. This graduate handbook elaborates on the information published in the Calendar.

 Students must complete a total of 3.5 full-course equivalents (FCE) as follows:

  •  0.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs) in women and gender studies (WGS 5000H)
  •  1.0 elective FCE in women and gender studies; either a special topics seminar (please see course list of special topics seminars), an independent research/reading course (WGS 1007H), or a practicum extending over both the Fall and Winter sessions (WGS 1006H)
  •  1.0 FCE (one year-long or two half-year courses) offered by other departments and chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor

  ·     The MA degree program is not offered on a part-time basis.

Students wishing to enroll in electives must fill out a course add/drop form, available at the WGSI Program Office. Please take this form to the course instructor/professor for signature. Then take the form to the graduate administrator/registrar’s office of the same department/faculty where the course is housed and notify them that you are enrolling in the course. If there is space in the course, the form will be approved. Finally, bring your signed form back to the WGSI Program Office. Marian Reed will enroll you in the course and retain the form for your graduate file.

The M.A. Program is offered as a full-time, twelve-month Master’s program. The program is not offered on a part-time basis.


A two-page MRP proposal is due to the Advisor in January.  The MRP is usually written over the summer.   The student’s master’s research paper (MRP) will be read and marked by the Advisor, and one other faculty member with an appropriate area of expertise, to be approached by the student in consultation with the Advisor.  We recommend that students submit at least one draft of their MRP to the advisor for comments, before submitting the final version to both readers.