Women & Gender Studies Institute

Financial Support

How Your Funding Works: Details of Financial Support.

UofT provides minimum funding to students provided they maintain satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree.

The domestic funding package for 2016-17 is calculated as:

Financial Support  $16,500.00
Tuition, Incidental Fees, UHIP $8,492.00
TOTAL: $24,992

The international funding package for 2016-17 is calculated as:

Financial Support $16,500.00
Tuition, Incidental Fees, UHIP $22,604.00
TOTAL:  $39,104

Financial support comes from various sources, and the guaranteed funding may change from year to year throughout the course of a program:

  1. Please note that the funding package will include any scholarships awarded by UofT (such as Connaughts), as well as any scholarships offered by external sources (such as SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC, Ontario Graduate Scholarship, or FQRNT/FQRSC).
  2.  A portion of the funding package will normally include Teaching Assistant (T.A.) hours. For 2016-17, a student may be expected to work up to 205 hours as a T.A. Almost all of our M.A. and Ph.D. students participate in these teaching programs alongside faculty members, and our funding commitment is conditional on the student’s willingness to accept teaching assignments.
  3. The final portion of the funding commitment will consist of the University of Toronto Fellowship (UTF).
  4. Tuition, incidental fees, and UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan): the cost of tuition, incidental fees and UHIP, if applicable, for the 2016-2017 academic year is determined in June.

In addition to the $15,000 funding provided under the funding commitment through scholarships, T.A. and R.A. responsibilities, and fellowships, students may be able to enhance their support through the following:

  1. Additional Teaching Assistant (TA) positions;
  2. Additional Research Assistant (RA) positions;
  3. Additional Departmental and University awards and scholarships; and
  4. Additional External awards and scholarships.

Doctoral students receive UTF via ACORN/ROSI (on-line UofT student account) in three instalments (September, January and May). UTF is applied toward tuition and fees first. Please ensure your bank information and mailing address are current in ACORN/ROSI.

WGSI Teaching Assistant positions are typically posted in late June or early July. Students without external awards must apply for a TAship. Those who do not apply for a TAship forfeit that portion of the funding package. TAs are paid monthly via payroll. The employment process is coordinated by the Undergraduate Coordinator and the Business Officer.

Students holding an external award (OGS, SSHRC, etc.) receive payments in three instalments (September, January, and May). If you hold an external award, you may also hold a TAship and have an admission award. Students who hold admission awards receive payment in September via payroll.

Questions related to UTF should be addressed to the Graduate Coordinator and the Business Officer.