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Judith Taylor

phone : 416-978-5238

office : 2029

email : jtaylor@chass.utoronto.ca

Judith Taylor is a scholar of social movements, jointly appointed in the Department of Sociology.  Her research focuses on women’s movements, neighbourhood community organizing, activism within public institutions, and identity politics.  Her publications analyze the obstacles to coalition building, the intersection of biography and strategy, activist memoirs and cultural production, burn out, intergenerational relations, coalition building across difference, the politics of NGOs and movement formalization, and corporate cooptation of social movement ideas.

Taylor also teaches and writes about qualitative research methods, feminist approaches to studying people, and community-based learning, with a particular focus on the dilemmas posed by institutional ethical review.

Taylor supervises students interested in studying activism, cultural production, and the politics of research.

Johnston, Josee and Judith Taylor. (2008). “Feminist Consumerism and Fat Activists Comparative Study of Grassroots Activism and the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign.” SIGNS 33(4):  941-966.
[Reprinted in Gender Frontiers 8th Edition (forthcoming) Edited by Laila Rupp, Verta Taylor and Nancy Whittier
Taylor, Judith and Patterson, Matt. “Autonomy and Compliance: How Sociologists Respond to Ethical Review”. Qualitative Sociology. 33: 161-183.]

Taylor, Judith. (2008). Glass Houses: Saving Feminist Anti-Violence Agencies from Self Destruction, by Rebekkah Adams, Canadian Review of Sociology, on-line reviews.

Taylor, Judith. (2008). “ Imperfect Intimacies: The Problem with Women’s Sociality in Contemporary North American Feminist Memoir.” Gender & Society 22: 705-727.

Taylor, Judith. (2007). “Organizational Elaboration as Social Movement Tactic: Case Study of Social Movement Leadership in the first U.S. School-Sponsored Program for Gay and Lesbian Youth.” Social Movement Studies, 6(3): 311-326.

Taylor, Judith. (2009). “Rich Sensitivities: An Analysis of Cruelty Among Women in Feminist Memoir Projects.  Canadian Journal of Sociology. 46 (2009): 123-141.

Taylor, Judith. (2006). “The Emotional Contradictions of Identity Politics: A Case Study of a Failed Human Relations Commission.” Sociological Perspectives 49:219-239.

Taylor, Judith. (2005). “Who Manages Feminist Inspired Reform? An In-Depth Look at Title IX Coordinators in the U.S.” Gender & Society 19(3): 358-375.
[Reprinted 2006 in The New Civil Rights Research: A Constitutive Approach. Edited by Benjamin
Fleury-Steiner and Laura Beth Nielsen. Ashgate: Burlington, VT: 37-54.]

Undergraduate Courses Taught

2007-2008       Race, Class and Gender (SOC 367H),  and The Women’s Studies Practicum (SOC 470Y)

2006-2007       Feminist Studies and Sexuality (SOC 374H)

2005-2006       Race, Class and Gender (SOC 367H)

2004-2005       Race, Class and Gender (SOC 367H)

2003-2004       Feminist Studies and Sexuality (SOC 374H)

2002-2003      Sociology of Work (SOC 207Y), and Feminist Studies and Sexuality (WGS 374H)


Graduate Courses Taught

2008-2009 Graduate Women’s Studies Practicum (WGS 1008Y)

2007-2008 Graduate Qualitative Methods I (SOC 6712S)

2006-2007 Graduate Qualitative Methods I (SOC 6712S)

2004-2005 Graduate Qualitative Methods I (SOC 6712S)

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